How custom landing pages can help generate more conversions and lower CPA.

Did you know that custom landing pages can greatly improve a visitor’s post-click experience and is key to increasing your conversions and lowering your cost of acquisition (CPA)?

Multiple case studies have shown that having highly relevant landing pages with a clear call-to- action may lower your CPA by up to 70% and increase conversions by 400%!

Have you ever clicked on an ad and landed on a page that didn’t make sense, nor relate to the ad you clicked on?

Even with best intentions, post-click web pages are not always optimized with the end-user in mind or with a lead driven UX. 

“Where’s that 30% off promo that the ad mentioned?”
“Why is the page showing me desktop computers when I searched for laptops?”
“Why does the ad headline description have little to do with this page?”

These are avoidable scenarios that can be fixed with custom landing pages that closely match your ads. The result is a more relevant experience for visitors; a higher dwell time, better chances that they won’t leave the site (bounce) as soon as they land on it and of course, more conversions.

Our Solution 

Buzztronic Marketing now offers custom landing pages that match the design of your website and correspond with your offers, products, services and headlines mentioned in your ads.

Contact us today to get custom made landing pages for your products or services:

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