Google Ads (AdWords) Specialist

Jason Keenan

Montreal, QC, Canada

Google Ads Training

Learn from a certified Google Ads expert with over
7 years of experience and a 10 year career in web marketing.

What you'll learn

  • How to build a relevant marketing strategy
  • How to choose between different campaign types
  • How to configure, analyze and measure campaign performance
  • How to optimize campaigns based on performance indicators
  • How to create great ads that will generate traffic
  • How to make sure that your campaigns have a great ROI

Course Information

  • 20% Theory, 80% Practice
  • Maximum 4 Available Spots
  • Courses in English or French
  • Bring Your Laptop
  • Locations in Greater Montreal

Courses & Pricing

  • Introduction to Google Ads
    /per person + fees
  • Advanced Google Ads
    /per person + fees

Frequently Asked Questions

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