Google Ads (AdWords) Specialist

Jason Keenan

Montreal, QC, Canada

Google Ads Training

Learn from a certified Google Ads expert with over
7 years of experience and a 10 year career in web marketing.

What you'll learn

  • How to build a relevant marketing strategy
  • How to choose between different campaign types
  • How to configure, analyze and measure campaign performance
  • How to optimize campaigns based on performance indicators
  • How to create great ads that will generate traffic
  • How to make sure that your campaigns have a great ROI

Course Information

  • 20% Theory, 80% Practice
  • Maximum 4 Available Spots
  • Courses in English or French
  • Bring Your Laptop
  • Locations in Greater Montreal

Courses & Pricing

  • Introduction to Google Ads
    /per person + fees
  • Introductory Level Course
  • Learn in a small group setting
  • Maximum of 4 participants
  • Greater Montreal Area
  • 6-7 Hours
  • Advanced Google Ads
    /per person + fees
  • No Dates Currently Available (Check Back Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be taking the introductory course?
You own a business or you're a marketing professional that wishes to learn how to use Google Ads properly;
You're thinking of hiring a Google Ads specialist for your business, but before you do, you would like to understand how it works;
You're part of a startup and could use Google Ads to drive leads or sales;
You're curious about Google Ads and how it could help your business.
Who should be taking the advanced course?
You've completed the introductory course and your ads have been running for 2-3 consecutive months;
You own a business or you're a marketing professional that wishes to take their knowledge of Google Ads to the next level.
Where does the course take place?
Courses take place in a café (with conference room) or in a co-working space in Montreal. The final location of the course will be announced to participants as soon as it is confirmed.
Do you offer hourly consultation?
In-person or online 1-on-1 consultation (or training courses) are available at an hourly rate. Please contact us directly for more information.
Can you give me more details about what is covered in the introductory course?
In the introductory group course, we'll cover:
- Choosing the right type of campaign for your objectives;
- How to navigate the interface;
- How to set your budgets;
- How to set up your campaigns;
- How to properly set up your Ad Groups;
- How to choose your keywords and negative keywords;
- The different kinds of keyword match types;
- The different types of bidding options;
- Strategies on how to write great ads;
- What are ad extensions and how to use them;
- What quality score is;
- How to link Google Analytics for added KPIs;
- How to analyze performance and check ROI;
- How to optimize your campaigns for better performance;
- ...and more!

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