Google Ads (AdWords) Specialist

Jason Keenan

Located In Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Google Ads Specialist

I help businesses of all sizes get noticed on the web, generate sales and grow by advertising on Google.
Serving clients worldwide.

8 great reasons to hire Jason

7+ Years Experience

Place your trust in a bilingual, highly effective, certified Google Ads professional with over 7 years experience and an 11 year career in web marketing.

Fixed Monthly Cost

Benefit from a fixed, extremely competitive monthly price based on your 30-day ad spend.
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Unlimited Support

I work as many hours as needed each month to get your campaigns performing optimally. Now that's dedication.

No Contracts

Get peace of mind knowing that if you're not satisfied with results, you can leave at any time and take your ad account with you.

Fast Execution

Don't wait weeks for your requests to be processed. If you contact me during business hours, I guarantee your changes will be applied by next business day.

Daily Check-Ups

Rest easy knowing that your account is being checked on every single business day, not "once a week" or "a couple times a month" like the other guys.

The Account Is Yours

Unlike some agencies who take your account hostage, I don't. Your Google Ads account along with all its data is yours to keep.

100% Transparent

I provide monthly reports using data piped in directly from your Google Ads account in real-time. You'll never have to worry about your results being altered to favor my performance.

Testimonials & Clients

Herole Testimonial
When Jason took over our AdWords management, he made a HUGE difference!

He propelled our event much further than we would ever have been able to do by ourselves. Now we can't work without him! Do not hesitate to do business with him. You will get results!

Eric Paul Parent, PHD

Herole - Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada
Osmora Publishing Testimonial
Dynamic team, always listening to your needs.

You are in the right place if you're looking for efficiency!

Osmora Inc.

Montreal, QC, Canada
Paysagiste Légaré Testimonial
A fast, relevant service, practical and with solutions adapted to us...

...a personalized and effective campaign management including monitoring results and optimizations. We are very satisfied with our choice for services rendered to Paysagiste Légaré and strongly recommend Buzztronic.

Maryline Paiement

Paysagiste Légaré - Montreal, QC, Canada
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Happy Customers

I help customers with all types of businesses advertise on Google, including but not limited to:  non-profits, lawyers, gyms, e-commerce stores, brick & mortar stores, schools (all levels), landscapers, plumbers, electricians, event planners, car & truck dealerships, indoor entertainment facilities and more.

Ready to work with me?

How I can improve your Google Ads (AdWords) Performance


Check for potentially wasted budget and course correct.

Keyword Efficiency

Optimize your keywords match types and organize into proper ad groups.

Quality Score

Check and improve each component parts of ad quality to improve score.

Click-through Rate

Improve account wide CTRs and get better quality traffic.


Improve ad relevancy, CTA and perform A/B testing.


Offer recommendations to improve your landing pages and generate new leads.

Competition Check

Review competitor ads and make sure you stand out.

Settings & Demographics

Optimize your ad settings to make sure you get the most out of your money and reach the right people.


Set up remarketing ads and retarget potential leads to drive action.