About Us

Buzztronic Marketing adheres to strict core values: open communication, total transparency and account ownership. By working with us, you’ll always have a direct line to your specialist, you’ll never need to sign a contract and you’ll have full control and ownership of  your account and data.

Why Choose Us

PPC Expertise
We stay up to date on best practices, trends and certifications so that you don't have to. We adapt our strategies for your business objectives and focus on ROI.
Open Communication
We offer you a direct line to your specialist. No account managers, project managers or sales representatives to go through first.

You Own Your Account​
Unlike some agencies who take your account hostage, this goes against our core values. With us, your ad account along with all its data is yours to keep.
Total Transparency
Our reports use data piped in directly from your ad account in real-time. You'll never have to worry about your results being altered to favor our performance.
Fast Execution
If you contact us during business hours, we guarantee your changes will be made by next business day.

Daily Check-Ups
We check on your account every single business day, not "once a week" or "a couple times a month" like the other guys.
No Contracts
Get peace of mind knowing that if you're not satisfied with results, you can leave at any time and take your ad account with you.
Competitive Pricing
Benefit from a fixed, extremely competitive monthly price based on your 30-day ad spend.

Founders & Team Leads

Buzztronic Marketing Agency was created by Jason & Katherine following years of working as entrepreneurs and freelancers. With first-hand knowledge of the challenges of owning a successful business, we set out to help others grow in a highly competitive market: PPC advertising.

Google Ads (AdWords) Specialist

Jason Keenan

Google Ads Specialist, Instructor &

7 Years Experience with Google Ads and 11 Years Experience in Web

Facebook Ads Specialist

Katherine Dion

Facebook Ads & Web Marketing

7 Years Experience with Social Media and 11 Years Experience in Web Marketing

Let's Work together!

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